Leadership Premier 2020!

Each month your class materials will posted on this page. PLEASE bring copies of these materials to the session day as we will not be providing them.

CLICK HERE Past Materials (thru May 2020)

June 9, 2020: Safety Day/Premier Wrap-up

 Materials to send to LHC (note due dates):

Presentations from Session Day

 Hot topics (slides):

Learning Opportunities (LO) – postponed

LO’s are unique experiences designed for current Premier class members, along with Leadership alumni, as part of Leadership 2.0.  These limited – scheduled opportunities are intended to expand one’s understanding of some of the unique features of our community and may also be aligned with one or more of the major segments of the Premier program.  These in-depth, “behind the scenes” experiences will provide insight into a host group’s mission, purpose, and engagement with host program staff.  Also, in some instances, select opportunities may include “hands-on”/experiential learning.

Click here for more Learning Opportunity Information – Schedule – Descriptions


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