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Leadership Premier Class 2019

Wrap Up/ CIP Presentations – June 5,  2019

Session Day Information:

Bring to June 5th Session (will be collected):
  • LHC Volunteer Opportunities 2019 – consider joining one of our committees for the coming year; bring a copy with you to class
  • LHC 2019 Pay It Forward – bring this form if you haven’t pledged yet and wish to do so
  • Memo to Self 2019bring in sealed envelope addressed to yourself [Instructions from May Session: Write a letter to yourself outlining some things that you plan to do to strengthen/expand your volunteer commitment to our community. (Is it to join a board, committee? other??); put memo into a sealed, self-addressed envelope (which was provide you at the last session).  In December we will mail it to you.]
  • Time Capsule Objectbring an object or token to contribute to the “LP Class 2019 Time Capsule ” to be opened in 5 years at a class reunion happy hour in June 2024. It can be representative of Howard County in 2019, or it can represent something you learned during your program experience.   Please sign the item or tape your business card to it and that the item be relatively small in size.  You will be asked to share why you are contributing this to the time capsule (in 30 seconds or less.) If you are not able to attend, please send your item with a classmate so it can be included.

Learning Opportunities Information

LP Class Information

  • Upcoming Events

    • "Travelling Tuesdays" ~ August 27, 2019

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    • General Membership Kickoff Breakfast - Mike Heslin, Lyft

      Lyft is innovatively creating partnerships with ridesharing subscriptions and bike-share partnerships to eliminate mobility challenges. Mike Heslin is the Baltimore Market Manager for Lyft,…   READ MORE

    • Testimonials

      Kathleen Hetherington

      Kathleen Hetherington

      President, Howard Community College

      Each year, participants from the college confirm what an invaluable experience Leadership Howard County was for them, engaging them and providing opportunities to meet others interested in serving Howard County!

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