About Us

Leadership Howard County is the critical force in preparing, inspiring, connecting and sustaining community leaders to make Howard County the best place to live, work and play.


All of our programs have a common purpose: to prepare and inspire leaders through excellent programs and opportunities, and challenge them to translate their visions into action.


Our events provide leaders opportunities to connect and learn. View all of our engaging events available to the LHC community.


Each year, participants from the college confirm what an invaluable experience Leadership Howard County was for them, engaging them and providing opportunities to meet others interested in serving Howard County!

KATHLEEN HETHERINGTON, Consultant & Past -President, Howard Community College

I have been getting more seeing what my classmates are learning. I am fortunate enough to be familiar with the businesses and non-profits in our community. It has been a learning experience to see how much I need to talk about our community (needs and non-profits) more. Not just tax credits but ways to give back in other ways.

LHC Member

LHC has not only exposed me the many facets of the community, but also to diversity of the leaders within our community.

Scott Osborn

A great in-depth insight into diverse areas within the county. I did not have even 20% of this knowledge about our county before the beginning of this program although I have lived here for nearly 20 years.

LHC Member