Community Impact Project (CIP) Application - 2025 Program Year

Name of primary contact person/designated project manager:

A. Executive Summary:

*Projects involving direct fund raising or finding board members will not be chosen. Projects should avoid being religious in nature or supporting paritsan issues/politics.
What final product do you expect to have upon the Team's completion of this project?
This is not an exhaustive list; you may indicate your own category. Please remember that there are restrictions to CIPS: *Does not involve fundraising "asks" (may include strategy or design of fundraising). *Is not religious in nature (does not involve proselytizing, may be for a religious-based organization). *Does not support partisan issues/politics. *Is not focused on Organizational and/or Board Development. *Leadership Premier CIPS must be located in and/or directly benefits Howard County; Leadership Essentials CIPS can be more regional in nature.
Our goal is for the work to have lasting impact.

B. Additional Questions:

Leadership Premier: 6 to 8 Team Members work for about 6 months on the CIP (December through May), which equates to about 140 hours total. Leadership Essentials: 4 to 6 Team Members work for about 4 months on the CIP (February through May), which equates to between 80 to 100 hours total.
Note: Host organizations are expected to provide these items.
Please provide name(s), title(s), email(s), phone number(s).

Successful CIPs include support from all parts of the organization (staff, board, ED). A letter of support signed by both the Executive Director (on behalf of the staff) and the Board Chair (on behalf of the entire Board) is REQUIRED before final CIP selection. A template is available, if needed.

Please note - LHC wishes to provide a variety of CIPs to the LP Class, both in topic area of the CIP and the size/nature/mission of the Host organization.