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The 2015 Big Event Story: Transforming the Community One Gift at a Time

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Wes Moore2

Wes Moore

From Adversity to Success: Transformation Lessons in Leadership

Two young boys growing up in the same tough neighborhood in Baltimore share the same name. One becomes a Rhodes scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House fellow and social entrepreneur. The other is sentenced to life in prison for murder. Delving into the irony of how two people with similar circumstances could end up on such different journeys led Wes Moore to write his remarkable bestselling book. Their incredible story, and the questions it raises about struggle and triumph, personal choice and fate,  makes this an event you won’t want to miss.

Meet Wes Moore: The Inspiring Story of One Name, Two FatesThe Other WM book

Wes Moore struggled emotionally and academically as a young boy but eventually graduated as a commissioned officer from a military college. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­sity in 2001, where he also played foot­ball and earned a bachelor’s degree in Inter­na­tional Rela­tions. He then became a Rhodes Scholar, study­ing Inter­na­tional Rela­tions at Oxford University.

After his stud­ies, Wes, a para­trooper and Cap­tain in the United States Army, served a com­bat tour of duty in Afghanistan with the 1st Brigade of the 82nd Air­borne Divi­sion. Wes then served as a White House fel­low to Sec­re­tary of State Con­deleezza Rice. He serves on the board of the Iraq Afghanistan Vet­er­ans of Amer­ica (IAVA), The Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­sity, and founded an orga­ni­za­tion called STAND! that works with Bal­ti­more youth involved in the crim­i­nal jus­tice system.

Learn more about Wes Moore’s story: Video

Wes Moore Visits the Daily Show

The WorkJust published: The Work: My Search for a Life that Matters

As a followup to his memoir “The Other Wes Moore,” THE WORK is the story of how Wes discovered the meaning of his life and how he found that meaning in service. Wes weaves the episodes and moments of decision in his own life with those of a dozen other inspiring people who have bettered their communities in a variety of impressive ways.




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