Does your non-profit organization have a project or issue that it doesn’t have the time, expertise or staff to research or address? Leadership’s Community Impact Projects (CIP) may be the answer! To date, over 140 organizations have benefited from a Leadership CIP team!

  • Purpose: The Community Impact Project is an important component of both the Leadership Premier and Leadership Essentials programs. Program participants work together in small teams with a host organization on a consultant basis, addressing an organizational challenge or strategic issue.
  • Process: The host organization (non-profit or government entity) identifies an issue or challenge it is facing. Class participants research and propose creative, sustainable solutions.
  • Payoff: This experience is designed to be a mutually beneficial experience. The host organization gets much-needed expertise and advice while the participants gain a better understanding of community needs and a deeper appreciation for community involvement.

The CIP process for both Leadership Premier & Leadership Essentials 2024 is now closed! The 2025 process will open in the spring of 2024; if you have any questions, please contact Tim Payne, President & CEO, or Lisa Kim, Program Manager.

See below for resource links to information about the 2024 process for reference:

CIP Information Sheet


Community Ecology Institute