Due to the current CO-VI 19 restrictions in place, ALL learning opportunities are on-hold at this time.  We hope to be able to reschedule those that are not able to happen and will be notifying all that have registered.


Overview & Instructions

Opportunity Descriptions (updated monthly).  Please note opportunities are listed in order of occurrence and fall into two categories: “Group Activities” and “Individual Activities”.  Group Activities require advanced registration through LHC (link to the registration form may be found below).  Individual Activities are divided into two levels – those that count for credit towards meeting the LO requirement, and those additional opportunities that, while beneficial to one’s learning about an organization and its role in the community, do not count for credit.  Also, please note the class members may only attend 1 such activity/meeting within a select setting for credit …. i.e. a class member attending 2 CA meetings will only get credit for completing 1 learning opportunity.


Registration Revisions:  In the event that changes and/or cancellations need to be made after submitting a registration form, please complete the Revision Form

Ongoing Activities Requiring Additional Forms/Waivers

Howard County Fire & Rescue Ride-Along – Class members interested in participating in a department “ride along” must complete the following documents:  applicationwaiver form and a scheduling form – all to be returned to Chloe Beatty, in order to facilitate scheduling.

Howard County Police Ride Along – Class member selects date of choice – please click here for application/form

Howard County Public School System ~ Principal Shadow Opportunity – This opportunity will enable a participant to meet with a school administrator and get a glimpse into what their “a day in the life” encompasses in fulfilling this role. Principals available to host are indicated in Opportunity Descriptions (individual opportunities).  Sign-ups will be on a first-contact basis and limited to 1 person/principal.  If you are interested in doing a principal shadow, please contact Karen Bryant to register.

The Transportation Challenge – REQUIRED – To be completed by March 10, 2020 – Please click here for further information.

Overall System Map

Transportation Challenge – Route Options

NOTE: When doing the Transportation Challenge, the following individuals have offered to coordinate tours with class members if available and contacted in advance (please provide at least a week’s notice)

(Via the Route 404 option) Ayesha Holmes, Executive Director of Grassroots & LP Class of 2019.  Contact information: (410) 531-6006 or [email protected].

(Via the Route 503 option) Rachel Sanborn, Volunteer Coordinator, CAC of Howard County. Contact information: (410) 313-0703 or [email protected].