Leadership Howard County Annual Awards

LHC’s 2019 Award Winners – Ananta Hejeebu, Phyllis Madachy, Tom Burtzlaff


Each year Leadership Howard County honors individuals for outstanding dedication and commitment to serving our community.  These honorees exemplify the goals of Leadership at the highest level: using their skills and resources to make a positive impact on the community, and providing a lasting legacy for others to follow.

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The Distinguished Alumni Award, sponsored by the Association of Leadership Professionals (ALP), recognizes one graduate who has made a significant and notable contribution for the betterment of our community, exemplifying the spirit and goals for civic involvement and trusteeship that Leadership Howard County promotes.

2019    Ananta Hejeebu
2018    Rob Moxley
2017    Brian Walter
2016    Malynda Madzel
2015     Bob Jeffrey
2014     Paul Gleichauf
2013     Paul Skalny
2012     George Doetsch
2011     Michael Galeone
2010     Brenda von Rautenkranz
2009     James Robey
2008     Susan Rosenbaum
2007     Dick Story
2006     Andrea Ingram
2005     Dr. Bob Sheff
2004     Donna Ange
2003     Henry Posko
2002     Joanne Davis
2001     Barbara Lawson
2000     Dennis Miller
1999     Kevin Kelehan
1998     Steve Gershman
1997     Shirley Collier
1996     Steven Breeden
1995     Herschel Langenthal
1994     Stephen Pindell
1993     Donald Manekin
1992     Lee Wilhide
1991     Hamish Osborne
1990     William Munn
1989     John Isbister
1988     Beverly Wilhide
1987     Joe Engle

The Leadership Legacy Award celebrates a Leadership Howard County graduate or friend whose sustained service to Howard County has added enduring value to our community.  Individuals honored with this award have a long-standing commitment to civic involvement and have proven instrumental in creating real and continuing positive change for our citizens.

2019    Phyllis Madachy

2018    Vivian Bailey

2017    Earl and Mary Armiger

2016    Richard Story

2015     Barbara Lawson

2014     James Robey and Dennis Lane (in memoriam)

2013     Joseph Murray

2012     Mike and Joanne Davis

2011     Steve Sachs

2010     Dr. Chuck Ecker and Maggie Brown (In Memoriam)

2009     Chip Lundy

2008     Dick McCauley

2007     Vic Broccolino

2006     Pat Kennedy

2005     Jean Moon

2004     Jim Moxley

2003     Maurice Simpkins

2002     Dick Talkin

2001     Donald Manekin and Bob Gaw

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes a graduate whose efforts have not made headlines but have made a difference. The Unsung Hero works behind the scenes to serve the community, recognizing that service is its own reward. This award provides him or her with some well-deserved appreciation.

2019    Tom Burtzlaff

2018    Pete Mangione

2017    Ilana Bittner

2016    Edward “Chip” Plitt

2015     Richard Dean

2014      Felicita Sola Carter

2013     Anne Towne

2012     Lynn Coleman

2011     Suellen Seigel

2010     Roy Appletree

2009     Becky Mangus

2008     Joe Willmott

2007     Judy Pittman

2006     Ron Schimmel

2005     Ed Waddell

2004     Pete and Beth Horowitz

2003     Mike Russo

2002     Cole Schnorf

2001     Darrell Nevin

Past Youth Advocate Awards winners recognized those who provided exemplary service to improve the lives and well-being of Howard County’s young people.

2014     Valerie Gross

2013     Laura Smit

2012     Sydney Cousin

2011     Jean Parker

2010     Diane Mikulis

2009     Doug Hostetler

2008     Sandy French

2007     Carole MacPhee

2006     Dale Jackson

2005     Mimi O’Donnell

2004     Shirley Collier

2003     Jane Walker

2002     Rosemary Mortimer

2001     Cindy Truitt


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