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“America is being torn apart, but our problem isn’t that we’re too angry with each other, it’s not that we disagree too much, it’s not even incivility. The heart of the problem is contempt. Our habit of treating people who disagree with us not just as wrong or misguided in their views, but as worthless…… Contempt is making us miserable and preventing us from making progress as a society.”
– Arthur Brooks
Leadership Louisville Center is hosting a (virtual) panel with U.S. mayors, along with keynote speaker, Arthur Brooks, a prolific author and Harvard professor to discuss unifying through challenges. Mr. Brooks’ latest book is titled, Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From a Culture of Contempt.  LHC members will received a special discounted rate of $50 to attend – enter the code LHC50 at registration.
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