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Learning Enhancements

LP 2017 CIP Overview (includes time logs, etc.)

Coffee with Leadership – email Laurie to sign up ([email protected]

CIP and Wrap-up – June 6, 2017

Giving Back – May 23, 2017

  1. What Nonprofits Should Expect From Their Board Members
  2. Reasons to join a Nonprofit Board
  3. Dan Pallotta Video Ted Talk [This is required if you plan to attend the hot topic, “The Myth of the Overhead;” highly recommended for everyone]
  4. Nonprofit in Trouble Case studyrequired if you plan to attend the hot topic

Class Handouts:

  1. Nonprofit  Resources
  2. Are U Ready? (Qs to ask before joining a Board)
  3. Is your Organization Ready?  (Qs to ask a prospective Board member)
  4.  Letter to Self May 2017 (please complete and send back to Laurie)

Class Presentations

  1. Heather Illiff, Nonprofits Presentation
  2. Seth Groman, Top Ten Things Every Organization Director Should Know
  3. Tracy Quisenberry, Ordinary to extraordinary


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      Kathleen Hetherington

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