About Us

When Leadership Howard County was launched in 1986, visionary community leaders built the foundations of an organization intended to help sustain the growing county. Literally in the middle of the exploding Washington-Baltimore metropolitan region, Howard County sought to maintain a community built on the principles of sustainability and inclusion. Leadership Howard County’s first classes included leaders of new businesses, newly created nonprofits and many others dedicated to working together to build a thriving community.

Like all communities throughout the country, Howard County now faces the challenges that come with growth.  There is a call for effective leadership on the local and regional level to ensure that citizens are informed and engaged in a wide variety of issues, trends and challenges.

With each class and an ever-growing membership, we continue to work toward our vision of being the critical force in preparing, inspiring, connecting and sustaining community leaders to make Howard County the best place to live, do business, raise families and create a bright future for all.

Core Values

Leadership strives to fulfill its mission and continue developing the value of its programs by adhering to these values:

Integrity and Honesty: We keep meaningful promises, do the right thing for the community, and value truth over harmony.

Service: We work hard and contribute time, talent and treasure.

Teamwork and Collaboration: We believe we can build the best community by empowering leaders with diverse strengths and perspectives.

Growth and Learning: We actively pursue new ideas and approaches to improve the community.

Call for Board Nominations

LHC is currently seeking candidates for its Board of Directors. Candidates must be LHC members in good standing and will reflect the diversity of LHC membership, and will also bring the skills required to fulfill the Board’s roles and responsibilities.

Nomination Criteria

To make a nomination, download this form and return to [email protected]

Nomination Deadline: April 7, 2017

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    • Testimonials

      Kathleen Hetherington

      Kathleen Hetherington

      President, Howard Community College

      Each year, participants from the college confirm what an invaluable experience Leadership Howard County was for them, engaging them and providing opportunities to meet others interested in serving Howard County!

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